Poundland, Brighton

Client: UK Institution

Sector: High Street Retail


As part of their portfolio review, our client pinpointed a high street retail investment asset that was surplus to their portfolio needs. The property was a large retail unit arranged over three floors, located in a secondary location in the centre of Brighton. The occupational lease length was less than five years and a large proportion of the upper levels were not in use by Poundland.

A complete measured survey was undertaken with architects producing plans to highlight the development potential of the unit. These plans formed a critical part of our subsequent marketing campaign, culminating in a successful sale during particularly challenging market conditions. 

The project comprised: 

  • Property valuation advice
  • Full measured survey
  • Architectural drawings and design
  • A marketing campaign and handling ‘best bids’
  • Instructing solicitors and managing the sale to completion


Since the unit was too large for the existing tenant and the lease length was short, our client was concerned that the occupier would vacate as the lease expired. We considered this a potential opportunity to secure the best price for the property on the open market, so we used all available resources to present the unit to market in the most attractive way. We also created a business plan that would address anticipated challenges in advance of the marketing campaign.

Process and insights 

We produced a business plan that promoted the space and the short lease length as a positive rather than a negative. Through this lens, we marketed the property to a targeted audience of developers and property asset managers who would be keen to exploit the residential development potential inherent in the unit. 


The architectural plans promoted an indicative scheme design for redeveloping the upper floors into high-value residential units. Active asset managers would drive value through gaining planning consent and, ultimately, undertaking a redevelopment upon expiry of the existing lease–or sooner if the tenant would be willing to surrender the top floors.


After an extensive marketing campaign and multiple inspections by property asset managers and developers, multiple offers and a subsequent ‘best bid’ situation ensured the property sold at the asking terms despite challenging market conditions.

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